What You Need to Know about Maison Sassy Variations

Maison Sassy is the modern twist of the classic Normandy cider providing a tasty drink and the perfect ingredient for famous cocktails. The handcrafted ciders bring to life the history and traditions of the Chateau region in a modern drink that excites the younger generations.

Cider was a popular drink in Normandy, a region known for its attention to detail in winemaking. Unlike other French regions, vineyards do not do well in Normandy. However, apples and pears thrive in the region. Maison Sassy found an exciting way to produce tasty handcrafted ciders that combine both the traditional and modern aspects of the region.

Since its launch in 2016, Maison Sassy has showcased superior cellar mastery passed down through Xavier’s family from 1852. A unique and sassy cider recipe was born from the partnership of two renowned cellar masters, Xavier and Pierre-Emmanuel. The duo created a perfect drink that brings out the region’s terroir and removes the shortcomings of traditional ciders.

Maison Sassy are products of apples and pears from the best orchards in Normandy. However, it differs from other ciders since it is 100% natural. You will not find any additives, sugar, water, and colourants added to classic ciders during production. You can pick from the three variations of the Sassy brand, each providing a unique taste profile perfect for use in various cocktails.

Variations of Sassy

1. Cidre Brut

Traditionally, cider brut has a dry taste, but Maison Sassy adds a fruity flavour creating a semi-dry cider. It is made from 22 varieties of apples giving it a bright golden colour and distinct apple notes. However, you will also find subtle leather and wood notes. The fruity effervescence harmonises acidity and bitterness, giving Cidre Brut a unique roundness suitable for any taste palate. Besides, the aroma of the full-bodied drink brings out the fruitiness of the alcoholic drink.

2. Cidre Rose

Cidre Rose is your go-to Sassy variation if you aim for a delicate and lightly acidic alcoholic drink. With its delightful rosy-red colour, Sassy Cidre Rose brings out a structured drink with a fruity aroma. The 18 varieties of apples used in its production create a well-balanced cider perfect for sorbets and desserts. However, you can also enjoy it as an aperitif due to its smooth and round mouthfeel.

3. Poire

Cidre Poire or pear is often considered the virtuous variation of Sassy due to its low alcohol content. It is a bright and clear drink made from at least 12 varieties of pear, giving a fruit-forward taste profile. Despite being crisp and acidic, it has a soft mouthfeel and a smooth finish due to the low alcohol. Apart from making cocktails, the Cidre Poire is perfect as an aperitif. It is also perfect for washing down white meat and seafood. Its subtle acidity and smooth effervescence also make it perfect for chocolate desserts.

Apart from the common Sassy variations, Maison Sassy also produces Cidre organic, Cidre extra-brut, and sparkling apple juice. Sassy products are perfect for making cocktails such as Rosé Negroni, gin&pear, and other popular cocktails.

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