Nahimic: Bringing Life To Sound

Good vibrations: it’s more than the name of a song. When sound waves meet the human ear, its internal construction transmits complex messages to the brain. These messages convey important information not only about the type of sound and how loud it is, but also where it is located, whether it is moving and if it’s a potential threat or not.
Sound technology has had a hard time keeping up with this level of complexity. While CGI has achieved impressive and convincing VR graphics that can be appreciated on home equipment, sound tracks and effects have often lagged behind. This is in part due to the variable quality of the speakers in the range of personal hardware that everyone uses each day.

What if – there was a company with the skills and commitment to create a new level in audio? Audio of such quality it would allow gamers to enjoy a truly immersive sound experience to match the calibre of the visuals? One that would draw the listener and viewer into the heart of their favourite music and movies?

An audio experience of such quality, in fact, that you would fall in love all over again with your favourite music, films, games and shows.

It’s here and it’s available now in the Nahimic app. 3D Surround Sound from Nahimic works with all audio devices, including internal and external speakers, headphones and headsets. It places the listener right at the centre of crystal clear sound, coming from all directions just as it would in reality. For gamers, this means a degree of quality soundscape that matches the complexity of the gaming landscape, immersing the participant in a new level of reality.

3D Surround Sound is only part of the Nahimic story. With quality calibration for a range of devices, plus a volume amplifier that boosts the capabilities of the average computer to new heights, it’s no wonder that Nahimic is the choice of professional composers and music producers. It’s also increasingly the choice of business people who want to create outstanding presentations with quality sound.

Nahimic lets you enjoy quality sound on all your devices, every day and all day.