An App to Track Your Food Intake

DietSensor is a virtual nutritional coach that takes a more unique approach to help manage body weight and treat related issues. The app does so by propagating correct and proper food intake. Important nutrition parameters such as carb, fat, calories and protein intake are set for each meal to realise health goals faster.

Major Benefits

Available for free download on the App Store and Google Play, the following are the three major ways in which you can benefit from this app.

• Efficient Tracking

Unlike most other food and nutrition apps, DietSensor makes finding out the nutritional value of any food extremely easy. Even food items without a barcode could be scanned for nutritional data. Also, DietSensor has a nutritional database or you could use SCiO scanner to access nutritional statistics. The particular food item you just scanned can be saved for future reference so that you don’t go through the hoops again.

• Customisation

DietSensor lets you customise your food intake to improve upon a specific health condition. For instance, if you have diabetes, the app helps you determine the food to take and the quantity. The app has inbuilt customisation for diabetes. Suggestions unique to your condition are also presented, which include alternative food or how to blend meals.

• Large Database

The app is based on a huge database that comes in quite handy if you’re having trouble losing weight or accomplishing any other health goal when on a specific diet. For example, the app would help you discover whether it is fats and calories or carbohydrates causing the weight gain. In other words, if you indulge in a lot of physical activities but are still unable to lose weight, DietSensor would tell you what’s fundamentally wrong with your diet and/or your body.


DietSensor is definitely not the only nutrition app around. However, not many take an approach as detailed and unique as DietSensor. If staying on track when on a fitness diet is an issue, you probably need DietSensor.