City of Atlanta, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and TOTO USA Honored for Advancements in Water Conservation

Earlier this month, the City of Atlanta’s Better Buildings Challenge and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport received special recognition from the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (CRK) for their “Best in Business Class” water conservation efforts.

CRK’s update to its 2011 report, Filling the Water Gap: Conservation Successes and Missed Opportunities in Metro Atlanta, served as the highlight of the award event attended by Atlanta City Councilmember Joyce Sheperd, Melinda Langston, Director of Water Conservation, and Denise Quarles, the city’s Director of Sustainability, amongst other local environmental leaders. The report outlines water conservation efforts across the metro region as implemented by nine local governments and select businesses.

  • City of Atlanta – for leading the nation’s “Better Buildings Challenge” effort to save water and energy in commercial buildings;
  • TOTO USA – for partnering with local governments and businesses to upgradeoutdated plumbing fixtures; and
  • Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – for achieving significant water and energy savings through plumbing retrofits and other best management practices.

Filling the Water Gap concludes that although cities and counties continue to achieve significant water savings through modest conservation efforts, missed opportunities remain. According the report, added measures could reduce metro Atlanta’s water demand by 147 gallons of water per day (MGD):

  • Reducing water loss due to system leaks to 10% or less (16 MGD);
  • Retrofitting old homes with new plumbing fixtures through direct installation (34 MGD);
  • Limiting sales of clothes washers and dishwashers to Energy Star models (24 MGD);
  • Pricing water more effectively for homes and businesses (46 MGD); and
  • Large-scale rainwater-harvesting for homes and businesses (27 MGD).

A more substantial commitment to reuse over the next decade could add as much as 252 MGD, bringing the total potential water savings up to nearly 400 MGD, or enough water to serve 2.6 million people in the metro Atlanta area.

For more information about Atlanta’s efforts to create a more sustainable city, please visit the Office of Sustainability’s page at To read other recent CRK reports, visit